About Us!

NorthPoint Crane and Rigging was established in early 2020 by Brandon Howard. After several years of operating cranes across North America in various settings, Brandon developed a crane and rigging service located in Central Alberta in the city of Camrose.

A drive to succeed and pride in a job well done has always been the foundation of NorthPoint Crane and Rigging. We are focused on making this company one that people ask for by name by using our experience, strong work ethic, and firm belief in safety. We strive for an injury-free quality of life for the team, co-workers, customers, and operators to allow us all to enjoy our family life. 

About The Founder


Brandon Howard


Brandon Howard has been a journeyman crane operator for the past 12 years, working in various industries including, oil and gas, farming, construction, and pre-cast working for many large organizations in crane operations.

My business in crane operations has taken me to many places across North America, allowing me to pursue my passion in life, working with cranes. I have no regrets about learning from the best in the business, making lifelong friends, while operating some of the largest cranes in the world in various unique scenarios. I feel these learning experiences have made me a premier crane operator with extensive knowledge of operations along with skills in rigging.